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Acoustic Ecology and the New Electroacoustic Space of Digital Networks

By Sabine Breitsameter

Presented at
…acoustic ecology…
an international symposium

Melbourne, Australia, March 2003

It is a widespread thought, a prejudice mainly, that Acoustic Ecology is a nostalgic movement, considered not only weird because it is dealing with sound—a topic which is rather intangible for many—but also, so at least is the saying, celebrating ancient times without cars, machines, electric or electronic technology. I sometimes hear, that Acoustic Ecology creates art, which aims for ”ecological correctness”, and therefore, some say, judges and restricts the compositional material, dividing it between being ”natural” and therefore ecologically correct, and being technical/artificial and therefore not feasible. Again, it would be interesting to discuss where these—and a number of other likeminded assumptions—originate. I am sure that they cannot have been derived from the written or composed discourse of Acoustic Ecology, but may have other reasons and sources. I think, it is vital to discuss and correct this impression in public, and this symposium can contribute and initiate such a discussion.

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